Centre for Global Studies

About the Centre for Global Studies

Beginning from 1 January 2010, the Department of Economics and International Studies has established a Centre for Global Studies. The existence of the Centre recognises the increasing interest in Global Affairs at Buckingham following the successful creation of the MA programme in Global Affairs. New members of staff and visiting lecturers as well as Master’s and DPhil students have deepened the presence of the subject area at the University and the Centre is there to provide a central point for all in the University community whose work has a global dimension to it. The Centre is happy to provide a suitable background and address from which to construct grant applications, and to be the host for any meetings or seminars related to Global Affairs that members of the Department and the University may want to hold.1


Professor Richard Langhorne studied at Cambridge and lectured in History at the University of Kent, where he was also Master of Rutherford College. He was then Fellow of St John’s College and Director of the Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge. From 1993-1996 he worked for the British Government as Director and Chief Executive of Wilton Park Executive Agency, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Since then he has been Full Professor of Political Sciences and Director of the Graduate Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers University, USA. He was President of the British International History Association, 1988-1993, and he has been a visiting professor at universities in Ecuador, China, the USA and Russia.  Richard Langhorne is Programme Director of the MA in Global Affairs. He is Director of the Centre for Global Studies.2

David Armstrong, PhD (ANU), Professor of Global Politics. Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and founder / editor of Diplomacy and Statecraft and editor of the Review of International Studies. He has many publications, initially on aspects of East Asian international relations and in the last twenty years on international organisation and international law.3

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Study Programmes

At Buckingham, the Centre has become the home of the MA programme in Global Affairs and will form part of a group of Centres which the research and graduate teaching interests of members of the Economics and International Studies Department have created.4 The centre offers the following graduate programmes:

  • MA Global Affairs
  • MA Global Affairs and Diplomacy
  • MA Security, Intelligence and Diplomacy
  • MA Diplomacy
  • MA Diplomacy by Research (London Programme)
  • MPhil/DPhil Economics and International Studies

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